What To Look For In Ethernet Cables

Ethernet cables are a vital part of everybody’s understanding of modern computing, but so few people realize the distinction behind them and the essential features that make them able to function in the long run. Let’s keep it easier, so that you really can learn how to make better purchase choices with ethernet cables and ethernet converter.

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An ethernet cable’s “Cat” labeling is probably one among the many critical parts of obtaining it, as it offers crucial details regarding the cable’s speeds in relation to a cable’s Mhz (frequency). “Cat,” in this case , means “Category.” You can now only buy Cat-5 cables, or higher, when you purchase ethernet cables. In fact , the lower spec cables are not ethernet cables, often provide slower speeds and are usually used for telecommunications apps.

Here’s the distinction between the major cable categories that you are going to buy. Cat-5 cables have a rate of up to 100 mbps, running at 100 Mhz. Cat-5e cables run at 100 Mhz and deliver speeds of up to 1gbps. Cat-6 cables provide higher speeds of 10 gb / s, but having this full range lessens the wire’s overall length drop to 55 meters as compared to the 100 meters that Cat cables usually provide. Often, these cables run at 250 Mhz. Cat-6e cables deliver speeds up to 10 gbit / s, with no limit on length like their predecessor. Those cables work at 500 Mhz.

How To Check?

To figure out  which sort of cable is better for you, you could test it out. To check it in the easiest possible fashion, run a speed check on your connection rate or question the ISP what the peak frequency is. There’s also a few websites that show you your raw connection speed. You need to understand that some of the internet providers do not necessarily provide accurate information. Internet speed is different from downloading speed. An example is if you get a 10MBps internet speed, you need to divide by 8 to get your download speed. Since it is in MB while download speed is mb. The Bites and Bytes are different so always take note of this.

For eg, if you’re restricted to a 1mbps link, there’s no purpose you should buy something better than a Cat-5 cable. In reality, Cat-5e is good enough to meet most Network requirements at user level, but investment in improved cabling is well worth the cost for colleges and enterprises with larger networks.

Right Angle Cat6 Gigabit Molded UTP Ethernet Cable (RJ45 Right ...The Cables Protection

For an Ethernet cable there are two types of protection: shield and jacket

Shielding is a type of prevention that avoids signal loss and interruption that is critical in larger quantities while handling cables. It is also really critical if many cables are working together at the same time.

Jacket’s function is to shield the cable ‘s frame. This is critical to ensure that the cable stays secure as it routes across the building. The heavier the jumper, the greater the durability of the cable and the longer it will last you. Most customer-grade cables use a standard PVC jacket but be mindful of low-quality jacket cables that quickly rip and break.


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