What to do if You Feel Bored on The Internet

There can be no reason not to be concerned. Here is a complete list of basic suggestions on what to do on the Internet to overcome the internet shortage.

Learning and research: The Internet contains a wealth of information, answers questions and learns more about something you like or something new. You can find anything using any of the popular search engines or use one of the links below. Wikipedia, Wikibooks, and Encyclopedia of Life are great examples of community-run wikis with lots of information created by contributors, E-books – Hundreds of thousands of books have been scanned and available on the Internet. Visit this page to see a list of websites where you can get free ebooks, and Earth Academy and Khan Academy have thousands of online lessons you can watch on various topics.

You can get Multimedia, Music, radio, podcasts, vlogs, and everything related to webcam. Here is our page on your favourite multimedia on the internet.

Video is now a great source of entertainment on the internet. Here are some locations where you can watch all kinds of videos. Google Video, YouTube, and Video are good starting points for streaming and watching videos online. If you want to watch inspiring and educational videos, we highly recommend that you get started at TED. Watch TV shows and movies online – A complete list of websites to watch TV shows, movies, and other related videos on the Internet. Video Sift are other great places for the user community to find and rate the best videos. Websites like Twitch let you watch and interact with millions of people playing video games. Homestar Runner – Funny and often funny website that includes a collection of short animated comedy clips,

Webcams: Online webcams let you see almost anywhere in the world.

Images and Art: Flickr – One of the most widely used and respected photo websites on the Internet that allows anyone to upload, share, and view photos of just about anything. Deviant -Art a great page with a large collection of art and images uploaded by the community,

Radio or audio streaming: Internet radio and audio streaming are other great services for broadband users. Today, many audio player programs such as Microsoft Windows Media Player, Win Amp, and iTunes players include radio functionality. Opening the program allows you to play radio stations for almost every genre of music imaginable. There are other options, including streaming radio stations in your local area. Here is a shortlist of some of these sites. Pandora – A great service that lets you specify the song or artist you like and then create a live radio station based on your favourite song. Slacker, Radio-locator, and Live365 are great websites that let you find the best radio and music streaming stations. Stations, finding related artists, etc. Last.fm – Another great site to find out more about artists, listen to the radio.

Find and buy music: With the availability of MP3 files, downloadable music is a very popular thing to do on the Internet. Here is a shortlist of some services that allow users to legally download music from thousands of different artists. Amazon MP3, iTunes, and Napster are great music services to legally browse, buy, and download music.)

Music lyrics: There are many different pages where you can find lyrics for your favourite songs. Try Lyrics.com to find your favourite lyrics.

Chat podcasts and radios: Internet podcasts and chat radio shows, something one or more people enjoy, news, services, etc. It was the radio broadcast he was talking about. Check out our podcast page for computer-related podcasts.

Vlogs: Blog vlogs or video is similar to a blog except for video. See vlogs definitions for additional information on these terms and vlogs services.

TV and film research: names of actors, directors, and year made awards, etc. If you want to browse the movie posters until 1913, try the IMP Awards. How about getting a full movie script? Try IMDb.

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MSN Games: Miniclip, Pogo, iWin, Shockwave, and New grounds are great pages with thousands of free online games for users of all ages. These games are usually played in Flash, Shockwave, or Java and can be played via your browser without the need to download and install the game. Second Life – An exciting online world where hundreds of thousands of real people create homes, shops, clothing, the world, and more, where you can connect freely, Free Slots – A free and highly immersive website with lots of online slot machines to play. Penny-arcade, Dilbert, and xkcd are some of the thousands of comic books available online. Google Fight – Another fun site that lets you enter two words or phrases to discuss with each other. The winner is determined by the maximum number of results returned by Google. The search for “online games” or “flash games” provides an almost endless supply of games. Also, check out this popular forum post on our website for other games available for free download. Do not wait and apply now an internet connection in your houses and offices, if you are living in Malaysia then apply “Time internet” to get the fastest internet speed at a very affordable price. For the best internet service, try out Time fibre internet.

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