Types Of Lingerie Worth Knowing

Maybe you are here because you want to surprise your wife with new lingerie. Well, for sure your goal will be achieved if you end up with the type of lingerie your wife prefers. The thing is, go here for lingerie online Malaysia can be daunting for a man, especially if he is doing this for the first time. There are so many things he needs to know first to ensure he will buy something that will make his wife greet him with a smile. 

As there are so many types or styles of lingerie, you might want to know your options when it comes to this aspect. Check this out:

Baby Doll

This is a type of lingerie that is short, sexy and swingy in which most of the time, comes with panties that are matched. If you want something hotter, you can choose the nightgown version. For sure your wife will never be as hot again. 


Can you imagine your wife in a single-piece swimsuit? This is just almost the same and this kind of lingerie is usually paired with thong back or high-cut legs. 


Just as how it sounds, the lingerie comes with an underwired bra which is more appropriate for women who are “gifted” or those who are used to showing off their cleavage. If you think your wife is the type, you should choose this style. 

Soft Cup

This is the exact opposite of the previous style. Obviously, this is designed for those women who are small busted as it means, their upper part does not need support. 

Demi Cup

This is a sexier option because the upper part of the breast is quite exposed. So, if your wife looks great in this, and if this is her type, you should choose this one. 

Full Coverage

Is your wife the type who is quite self-conscious? If she is that type, you can choose this style as this covers most of the breast and offers good support. This should be best for those who are still about to use lingerie for the first time. 


Are you familiar with a corset? A bustier is almost similar though they differ in a way that this style uses hook and eye. This should be the best choice for those who prefer a one-piece bodice that is quite fitted that can support any type of body. The reason is this style comes with a plastic boning or a flexible metal. 


As mentioned, this is almost the same as the bustier except on their closure’s materials. Another difference is how this style really hugs the body so that the effect is like an hour-glass shape. 

There are still many styles of lingerie that you can choose as this type of undergarment comes with so many variants. But when you choose something for your partner, you should first familiarize her preferences, especially her size so you will end up with something that will be best suited for her. 

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