Top Scariest Horror Movies You Should Watch

Horror movies are always fun, intense and most of the time scary. Like What to do if You Feel Bored on The Internet. They can hunt you for days and even weeks, and give you a huge impact. When it comes to a horror genre, the plot, characters, and the mood that the movie or series is trying to exhibit is very crucial. It is what determines whether it is considered horror or not. Usually, a horror movie has lots of jumps scares, a plotline that challenges your psychological ability, and intense scenes that nerve racks the audience. There are several subgenres of horror movies such as gothic, paranormal, occult, dark fantasy survival, and science fiction horrors. Here is a list of movies that are considered to be some of the scariest and nerve-racking movies.

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This movie is about how two paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren went to a small town to do a paranormal investigation and discovered that the family is haunted by a 19th-century witch that was bound to keep people off the house. Not only that, this family was stuck being hunted by the ghosts of the house. One thing about this movie is that it is created by James Wan, a Malaysian director, and producer, thus he uses the best web design agency in Malaysia to mix with the production company on this movie. This movie is also based on real-life paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren.

The Shining

The shining is all about Jack Torrance who becomes the winter caretaker at an isolated Overlook Hotel in Colorado. He is also a struggling author. He brought along his family with him, his wife Wendy, and his son Danny who has psychic powers. After staying in an isolated house for quite a long Jack was having problems in writing and turns into a homicidal maniac and terrorizes his own family. This movie is based on a book written by Stephen King, although it is based on the novel, the ending was different from the book.

The Amityville Haunting

This movie is about a family that moves into their new home that has a bad and negative backstory. The family then begins to experience paranormal activity and things happening to them. They then set up several cameras around their home to be able to capture the paranormal force but things escalated and quickly turned into a horror flying event. This is a true story that happened around the 1970s.


Adelaide Wilson returned to her childhood beachfront home with her husband, daughter, and son. With all the traumatic experiences she encounters as a child, she becomes more concerned that something bad is about to happen. Her fear becomes reality when four masked strangers arrive in front of their house. This soon escalated them to have a physical confrontation with the strangers in order to survive.  

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