The Pros and Cons of Shared Hosting

Are you looking for website hosting companies in Malaysia? Looking for the best web host for your business needs is quite a challenge, since there are plenty of choices around. However, if you are just starting out shared hosting is a great option for you.

Shared website hosting places a client’s website, and all of its data, in a single network server with lots of other websites in it. That network server would power your platform, and ensure that it is always accessible online.

The Pros

1. Flexibility. Several shared servers function on a starter level, with the understanding that many people would want to upgrade soon. For this reason, they are developed to be transferred easily to move on a different level.

2. Control. Settling with a shared server would provide you with a reliable control panel, allowing basic changes and tweaks on your pages as it continue to evolve. Though, your hosting contract must deliver regular website maintenance so there is no need to bother yourself with the updates.

3. The cost. This is the most affordable, economical option available online. Typically, it costs $10 every month, and is an amazing way to establish an online presence, even without committing to an expensive plan.

The Cons

1. Security. This might be rare, but it’s very much possible that hackers can compromise your server neighbors. If this happens to you, then your website will be prone to cyberattacks.

2. Speed. One of the problems you may experience with shared hosting is that it is a lot slower compared to other kinds of hosting. This loading problem can grow bigger, if some of the other websites on the same server are experiencing traffic spikes.

3. Personalization. Shared hosting will not give you that much freedom to customize your website. If you need a website that doesn’t look like some of the other websites on the internet, then you need to settle for something else.

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Shannon Lowe Administrator
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