Splitting Aces: Rules

Gambling has become one of the most prominent “dark” hobbies for people all over the world. Gambling is both played for fun and pleasure. The excitement and money you get from a successful gambling is really irreplaceable. Many rich people gamble for the sake of investing more in their wealth. While some gambling for pure fun and as a test of luck. If you interested in online casino game, click here.


Gambling is usually done in a casino, or any gambling sites. A casino is usually built beautifully with tons of games, machines or boards. There are tons of games you can try in a casino, such as slot machines, roulette, and blackjack. All of these games are famous and widely played in tons of casinos all over the world.


Casinos have also evolved throughout the years. We have reached the peak of casino’s evolution which is online casino. Online casino is a virtual casino where gamblers can gamble anywhere they want. For example, 918kiss. Splitting aces is one of the moves that happens in the game of blackjack. If you are interested in blackjack, here are some rules and facts you need to know when you are splitting aces. 

Re-split aces

Re-splitting aces is an action where only some casinos allow it. Re-splitting aces is when you may split your ace again for another bet when you receive an ace right after they split their current aces. Up to four hands will be allowed when the top of the deck is topped with aces by casinos that features the re-splitting function. The house edge for a game of blackjack that offers the re-splitting aces function is .08%. It is lower than a game that does not offer re-splitting. This is if we assume that the rules are all the same. 

Hitting Split Aces

Hitting split aces is not allowed in most normal games of blackjack. This is because of the well-known fact that by letting the players hit split aces, the house edge will drop up to .19%. This is a very drastic difference because normal blackjack games usually have the house edge of lower than 0.5%. It is important for the house to have an edge as the edge is what covers the house’s overhead. 

Doubling Split Aces

For consistency purposes, a house may allow aces in the double splitting if it allows doubling after splitting aces in the first place. The house edge will lose .08% if they allow a double down on splitting aces. Well known casinos like World’s Most Liberal 21 and Super Fun actually allow double down, right after re-splitting and splitting aces. However, because of this, these types of blackjack games will be giving you a lower payout than the normal blackjack. 

Getting 21 on Split Aces

Getting a ten-value card and splitting aces would be seen almost the same as getting a dealt blackjack off the highest deck. However, this is obviously cannot be accepted as a normal blackjack. Instead, it does not give you an automatic win and is counted as the other 21. This might end up with a tie with the dealer if the house also had a 21 hand.  

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