Social Media as platforms to market your business

Besides a business’s website, social media is one of the most effective ways to promote your business. It is because people spend most of their time on their smartphones scrolling their social media. So if your business has social media accounts, your business might come across their reading. Among the famous social media these days are Instagram, Facebook, Titkok and Twitter. However, being consistent in promoting business is not easy. Every day you need to have plans on what content you should post. The content should be varied so that people will not be bored looking at your postings. Suppose you just started your business and need a social media agency to improve your marketing, you can get help from Dzoo agency as it provides various marketing strategies to advertise your business. 

Which social media is the best to promote your business?

There is no such best social media to market your business as every social media has its own function and favorite users. Today we will be looking at these three social media: Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok. 

  • Facebook

Facebook has various functions and tools for business purposes. You can create a Facebook business page that allows you to connect with your customers. Besides, Facebook also has a paid advertisement function that you can reach your potential customers according to your preferences. Most of the Facebook users come from older people, as Facebook is one of the earliest social media sites that has been developed. If the products you sell are targeted for the older people, Facebook is a must-have for your business. 

  • Instagram

While for the Instagram platforms, most of the users are adults. Instagram has been one of the most preferred platforms for business owners to promote their products as they can post pictures and video. What’s more interesting is that Instagram offers various songs to be uploaded together with the videos. Besides, Instagram has a function that could connect your Instagram business page to your Facebook business page. And this year, Instagram has improved its operation by adding a ‘shop’ function parallel to the home page button. So people can look there and search for the things that they would like to buy. 

  • Tiktok

Most of the Tiktok users are youngsters and adults. The best part of the Tiktok is that everyone can see your posts if your post pops out on the For Your Page (FYP). It’s different from Instagram as in Instagram, only people who follow your business account or search for your account can see your posts or if you pay for the advertisement. But no one understands the algorithm of Titkok on how it allows your posts to be able to pop out on FYP. Some said we need to be socially active on this platform.


In conclusion, all of these social platforms have their own advantages. It is recommended to have all of these social platforms for your business, but you may choose one of them to be the dominant one, suitable according to your business and preferred customers.


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