Far Cry 3 Review

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1. Far Cry 3


I like to quote the video game Far Cry 3 because of the demographic of the people. That is what I summed up from the observations. As you play this video game, you will recognize sentence phrases such as:

“Drop your rifle.”


Or words that are synonymous with the Malay language such as:


  1. The people
  2. Sharks
  3. Spiders
  4. Stork


Even the names of Malay -mixed characters such as Citra are also featured in this video game. Talking about the storyline of this video game, you will find that the storyline is not for small children.


A group of university students from the United States vacation on a fictional island called Rook Island. Then their vacation on this island ended with a tragedy where a group of 6 people like that … were captured by a group of pirates on this island. They would be traded as slaves on the black market.


So the hero named Jason and his brother managed to escape, but not 4 of their other friends. But alas, Jason’s brother is killed while Jason is successfully rescued by the islanders who call themselves the People. These people have been at war with this group of pirates for a long time.


So to save 4 of his friends, which also involved his younger brother and also his cun and hot girlfriend, Jason who has experience in the military was trained by the People from a hunted man to a hunter rescuing his friends.


It’s up to you to be the hero, mobilizing Jason as a savior. Again I want to ask, can a storyline as great as the one above be enjoyed by immature children?


2. Dead Space

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If you have children under the age of 13, my recommendation of video games is not for them because you will feel what it is like to notice isolation, loneliness, and being the last human on a space base! Hah! That’s the feeling you’re going to ‘enjoy’ if you touch this video game.


The game is divided into three parts. Where in the first part, you are an engineer sent to a space base named Ishimura that is reportedly damaged.


Yet when you set foot on this space base, you discover that you are the last sane human to live on board the ship.


A devastating disease struck the space base that turned humans into terrifying aliens. It comes from an ancient artifact called The Marker.


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