Analog Watches versus Digital Watches

Digital Watches

If you want to be more productive on a daily basis, wear a watch. It’s never too late to invest in a
timepiece! However, before finalizing your decision, familiarize yourself with the different types
of men’s watches in Malaysia. Should you go for an analog or digital watch?

Analog watches show the time through a sophisticated dial with a minute hand, second hand and
hour hand. The dial is typically divided into 12 hours, and is often marked by roman numbers.
On the other hand, a digital watch shows the time by minutes and hours on a LED or LCD screen.

Do you know that the most common wrist watches today are analog quartz ones? Usually, they
have minute and hour hands, as well as variations on the traditional face. Even those mass-
produced quartz timepieces display excellent time. This is the reason why even luxury watch
makers such as Rolex and Patek Philippe focus on making analog watches, not digital.

Analog Watches versus Digital Watches

Quartz digital timepieces represent time by displaying numbers representing seconds, minutes
and hours. Unlike those mechanical analog ones, digital watches have zero moving parts. Many
of them are waterproof, and can be worn during vigorous activities.

If you buy a digital watch, you are sure to experience lots of useful features such as GPS
function, calendar, stop watches, heart rate monitors and pedometers. In fact, some of them have
already evolved into smart watches.

Do you think that the smart watch would eventually replace analog watches? Most probably, no.
The traditional wrist watch may be simple, but it is versatile and can help a person transform his
or her overall look. Believe it or not, most people don’t want “mini computers” on their wrists.

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