7 Exciting Web Design Trends You Should Explore this 2019

Reimagined Header Areas

Many hero areas feature large images to capture the attention of the readers and customers. Over the years, no update has been implemented in this part of the website. This 2019, expect more experimentation in this part of web design from adventurous designers.

Huge, Experimental Navigation

2019 is the year of the website navigation area. It is one of the most difficult aspects to design. As a web professional, you need to focus on this part, and make it visually appealing and at the same time functional.


Not all designers are determined to explore new boundaries when it comes typography. Many of them just stick to the traditional, classical designs. If you want your website to be more unique, why don’t you start exploring unconventional styles?

Asymmetrical Layouts and Broken Grids

This 2019, unconventional is the way to go. Apart from exploring unconventional font styles, it’s also great to apply new layouts. Bring them all together–you can just have an amazing new layout that can result to improved web traffic.

Retro Design Aesthetics

While it’s cool to experiment once in a while, some old styles are also worth rediscovering. Explore more retro designs this 2019. Implementing this on your website would bring about nostalgic feels.

More Elevated, Enhanced Image Treatments

Exploring new trends doesn’t mean removing all of the old website elements. You can find new ways of presenting old elements. Trying a new unique approach can bring about more attention, and unique impact to your audience.

Absence of Color

Colorful doesn’t always mean beautiful There is beauty on black and white, and one-color schemes. If done efficiently, this kind of design constraint can enhance a specific design and make it even more memorable.

Overlapping Design Elements

This trend falls closely in line with asymmetry and broken layouts. Overlapping elements can give birth to renewed visual interest. It can enhance the overall aesthetics of the website.

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Shannon Lowe Administrator
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