Organ Engineer is Being Investigated Once Again

Paolo Macchiarini was once hailed as a pioneer in artificial organ transplants. However, his name is tarnished by his alleged malpractice when it comes to the research methods he’s used.

The Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, Macchiarini’s employer, initiated an investigation to the once esteemed pioneer.

In a statement that was released on February 5, the university board aims to launch a probe in all of Macchiarini’s work during his 5-year stint in the school.

Apparently, Macchiarini used research methods that are not deemed by the scientific community to be fit for studies and experiments. The University Board said in a statement that this investigation is done to help restore the confidence of all of the parties that are going to be affected by his studies. This includes the general public, the staff and students of the university, as well as the scientific community.

Furthermore, the Institute will no longer renew their contract with the artificial organ transplant pioneer. He had worked there for the past 5 years.

The Reinvestigation

The news that the institute will create a new investigation case was due to the airing of a Swedish Documentary series that provided some evidence and new information about his case.

The once-esteemed thoracic surgeon had been slapped with a case a few years’ prior, about his alleged misconduct relating to his research on the artificial trachea.

In the same statement mentioned above, the Karolinska Institute’s University board also expressed their continued support of Vice Chancellor, Anders Hamsten, who spearheaded Macchiarini’s first investigation.

Although the previous investigation yielded no conclusive evidence of the misconduct, perhaps the reinvestigation into the matter would provide light to his pending case.

According to Hamsten, he intends to continue on with the probe with “full force and energy”. He concluded his statement by saying that he, along with the University board, share the same sentiments and beliefs on this matter.

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