5 Apps to Reduce Stress and Depression

Stress and depression are common and naturally felt by everyone in response to situations that are considered dangerous or threatening. However, stress, anxiety, and prolonged depression are certainly not good for a person’s mental and physical health. How can someone overcome this problem that is the key to be able to survive their life? Unfortunately, not everyone can overcome depression well and often this depression is the reason for someone to end the life. To prevent the occurrence of things that can damage a person mentally and physically due to stress, here are the 5 best free mobile applications for dealing with stress and anxiety:

  1. Headspace. Headspace is an application to help people meditating because meditation has been proven to help people to tackle stress and help in focusing. There are multiple services for meditation provided by this app for free such as workout and it also has animations which is cool. Besides, Headspace also provides a lot of relevant content and short meditation exercises for daily use. 
  2. Insight Timer. Insight Timer is one of the most famous meditation applications. There is a wide range of options, from the guided meditation of all types, interesting talks and courses about meditation and practices. With over 2000 teachers and 25 languages that could resonate you, this app is totally life-changing and it is free on iOS and Android platforms.  
  3. Calm. An application that can help relax and calm its users. The meditation series offered by this application can be completed within 20 minutes. There are a variety of meditation topics to choose from such as forgiveness, happiness and stress. Most of the meditation exercises from this application can be obtained for free. However, there are also several sessions that are locked and you must subscribe it first to get all the premium features.
  4. Colorfy. With a background in creative science, Colorly intends to show that colouring can be a form of therapy and improve creativity. Colorfy application users can use an existing template or create their own image to colour.
  5.  Aura. Aura is an application that aims to help in reducing anxiety, depression and stress. Someone who uses this application will be given a set of questions that can assess the person’s mood at this time. The results of this question will be used to provide 3 minutes of meditation on each day.

Although these five applications can help reduce or even cure stress and depression, it is important to get help from a therapist or counselor, as well as from your closest person who supports you emotionally.